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Username This will be your Username or Agent Name to identify you
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Username should be a single word like 'fred' - no dots or e-mail addresses
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This form is to allow you to supply and keep track of your contact details for Virtual Website Hosting done at Posix Systems. It will allow you to see/confirm your settings, control your Websites.
For further assistance - contact the Posix Help Desk (Office hours) on 082 601 0496. Once you have filled in the application - you'll then be able to 'login' to the System and add websites - etc. You are encouraged to use WhatsApp for support queries.
Click to Chat → WhatsApp

As soon as we have checked your information - the system will become "live". You will be invoiced once a month. A lack of payment will make this system and your websites in-operatable. We can also take payment automatically via Debit Order.

The Facility:

Posix Systems uses the Isando branch of Teraco for hosting. We rent a cabinet which homes our own Dell blade server along with multiple other hardware resources. This gives us quite high speed connectivity (up to 10Gbps) to peering and upstream services. This allows Posix reasonably fast access to other ISP's in and around South Africa. (From my home in Pretoria, I am 4ms away.)
The Teraco Facility has multiple backup generators, there are multiple blades in the blade server thus the customers Virtual Web Servers are hosted over multiple servers for very high redundancy. There are various security systems (Camera's, Keyed access - etc) to ensure the safety of the equipment. All machines are monitored.


Option 1:DNS Entry ONLY for a Monthly cost of R10.
Option 2:Extra E-Mails for a Monthly cost of R5.
Option 3:HTTP Redirect ONLY for a Monthly cost of R10.
Option 4:Micro Web site with up to 5 discrete web pages (400 files), using up to 10 MB of space and including 4 E-Mails for a Monthly cost of R16.
Option 5:Standard Web site with an unlimited number of pages (1000 files), using up to 20 MB of space and including 20 E-Mails for a Monthly cost of R200.
Option 6:Large Web site with an unlimited number of pages (4000 files), using up to 100 MB of space and including 50 E-Mails for a Monthly cost of R350.
Option 7:Giant Web site with an unlimited number of pages (80000 files), using up to 1024 MB of space and including 1000 E-Mails for a Monthly cost of R500.
Option 8:Extra 20Mb WebSpace with an unlimited number of pages (500 files), using up to 20 MB of space for a Monthly cost of R50 (only available in addition to a Web Site).
Option 9:Secure SSL site for a Monthly cost of R0 (only available in addition to a Web Site).
Option 10:Backend Database (MySQL) for a Monthly cost of R50 (only available in addition to a Web Site).
Option 11:ETRN E-Mail Service for a Monthly cost of R197.
Option 12:Domain Parking for a Monthly cost of R0.
Option 13:Domain Registration for a Monthly cost of R0.
Option 14:Entrepreneur Web Site with up to 3 discrete web pages (400 files), using up to 10 MB of space and including 4 E-Mails for a Monthly cost of R16.
Option 15:Submission E-Mail for a Monthly cost of R5.
Option 16:Small Web Site with an unlimited number of pages (500 files), using up to 10 MB of space and including 10 E-Mails for a Monthly cost of R100.

For any sized Web Package services:

  • You get FTP access to your WebSite
  • Each E-Mail box can either be directly 'POP-ed' or forwarded to an alternative e-mail address
  • You administer your own E-Mail Users (eg. adding/deleting)

Choosing a suitable package:

Domain Parking does not allow you to edit any of the DNS records but is a perfect service for simply having the Domain Name reserved without monthly costs.

Domain Registration allows you to use your existing infrastructure to host your own DNS along with your own Web and Mail services. We just help manage the Registration of your Domains, including automatic renewal, so the Domain is always working.

Domain Name Hosting provides you with a fully managed DNS solution. You can modify what your Domain does and contains. This service includes free DNSSEC. Domains in this catagory can also be linked to any other Hosted Services on this site. This package also allows you to add E-Mail addresses to the Domain.

All Website Packages allow for free Domain Validated SSL Certificates using Let's Encrypt. Once initiated, the SSL will be re-generated automagically as required. Together with DNSSEC, this helps provides a safe Hosting Platform.


All prices are excluding VAT.
We require one calendar month written notice for the termination of hosting services.
Pricing excludes any domain name and/or SSL certificate charges that may be levied by the appropriate authorities.
New Domains need to have enough available Credit. You can load Credit (we use PayFast) by clicking on the Icon.

Terms and Conditions may be changed without notice.

Web Stats:

Some basic stats are auto generated at the end of every day. These are:-
  • Objects requested (JPEG's, HTML Pages - etc). Remember a single web page usually consists of a number of objects... usually an HTML page and a few pictures.
  • Bytes used in copying the requests. Some items do not get copied - ie - they are already in the requesters cache - or the cache they are using.
  • Hits from unique IP's. Unfortunately, if multiple people are using a single cache server - you will see only one IP.
  • Web Hits. This is the number of unique IP requests within a minute - so sits somewhere between Object counts and IP counts. It probably reflects the truest reflection as to the popularity of your web site.

E-Mail Stats:

Basic E-Mail stats are generated on the delivery of email into the users mail folder. These are:-
  • Mails received
  • Total size of the EMails received.
These values are incremented every time the E-Mail System is about to put some received into your mail folder. At this point - it has already rejected mail from malicious (Black-Listed SPAM) senders or broken (according to internet RFC's (rules)) machines -and- scanned and thrown away (to the best of our ability) virus infected E-Mails.

POP3 E-Mail Guidelines:

(Also read Here - complete with pictures)
The E-Mail system under VWeb is comprehensive. Facilities include:-
  • Mail Users can be created, changed, suspended or deleted at any time by the domain administrator (Admin). Changes are immediate.
  • For each e-mail user, mail can be
    • Fetched via 'fetchmail' from another remote mail server - eg - Via POP3
    • Automatically sent (forwarded) to an alternative address (or up to 30 'comma and space' separated addresses)
  • Each user has a unique and changeable password
  • With the Auto-Responder, a user can be 'on Vacation' with a custom message.
  • Individual mail users can login (as user@domain.co.za) and control their own settings
  • Users can either POP their mail or use the webmail interface to process their e-mail
  • Users can be marked as a 'WebMaster' - their login identity can then be used for maintaining any appropriate website
  • Users can decide the level at which e-mail is seen as SPAM (Unsolicited E-Mail) - and thus have the system ignore it. Levels range from Zero (most mail is also discarded) to 99 (there will be no spam filtering either). The default level is 50 and is inherited from the domain's value.
  • Each user can have a different mail box size - from 1MB up to 2GB, but will be charged a unit price for every 200MB used
  • Each user can have a different maximum message size - from 1MB up to 50MB

POP3 Configuration

To configuration this in your e-mail client, you need:-
  • A User Name - usually your full email address
  • Your Password
  • The machine to connect to - please use mail.vweb.co.za
You should also be aware that this is usually a SSL POP3 connection and runs on Port 995. Mail may be left on the Server if you POP mail from more than one device, e.g. Laptop, Tablet and Cell Phone, but we recommend that you keep this to a minimum like 7 days. This setting is under Advanced or Extra settings on your email client.
  • Tick Leave a copy of messages on the server
  • Change Remove after 7 days
  • Tick Remove from server when deleted from "Deleted Items"
You can also use an IMAP connection - but this will generally be slower.

OutBound E-Mail Guidelines:

With current security policies - you need to use Posix for both incoming and outgoing email connections.

Please use the Mail Submission option for your e-mail account. Once setup and working - it never needs touching again. Outbound e-mail is sent to our relay server relay.vweb.co.za on port 465. For this to work, you provide your username and password details to authenticate yourself.

Please look at POP.CO.ZA for some examples.

SMTP Mail Submission settings

You will find these under Advanced or Extra settings.
Typical settings are:
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP): relay.vweb.co.za
  • You must tick the encrypted SSL connection (make sure you are using the correct name from above)
  • Tick Outgoing SMTP server requires Authentication (your username/passwd combo)
    • Tick Use same user settings as for fetching e-mail
  • Change Outgoing SMTP server on port 465 (and not 25)
  • Select Encrypted Connection type is TLS (choosing from None, SSL, TLS and Auto)
You must also set the SMTP Authentication (SA) flag to 'on' or 'yes', so that the Posix relay server accepts your e-mail. This is done on the VWEB site where your e-mail details are stored. You can login to VWEB.co.za using your e-mail address and password.

Unbilled Email Accounts

  • If you are running any form of local Web hosting, the system will create a free FTP account in the email table. This is so you can better manage access to your Web page content.
  • If you have a Website or any E-Mail users, an abuse account will be created. Please Forward this address to a Responsible Person.
  • If you are using the Posix SMTP Mail Relay service relay.vweb.co.za/relay.posix.co.za and have any users with a Green Tick (required for SMTP Authentication access) then the System will add an SPF record (under the DNS). It will also create an automatic DKIM signature and all out-bound e-mail will be signed. It will also create a dmarc mail account and DNS record and use that address to receive incoming DMARC reports (e.g.from Google) regarding emails from your domain. This can be used to tighten control of your e-mail users and to stop your domain being abused by bad actors. It will also increase the probability of having your e-mails correctly dellivered.

Database Guidelines:

Once Database use is requested for a domain, you can administer control of the database yourself. By clicking on the Database Admin button, you are presented with the ability to Create and Delete databases at will. Each Database has a single Username/Password and can also be accessed from a single remote point as well as the local site.
In addition, there are two tools for assisting with Databases, one to create tables and another for providing a summary of the current tables.
Database space counts towards your Web Space allocation.

SSL Certificate Guidelines:

If you wish to run a Secure Website (SSL: Secure Socket Layer), you can choose either to use a Paid for (Commercial) Certificate (OV or EV class), or you can use "Let's Encrypt" which is DV class only. A Temporary (but functional) SSL Certificate is automatically provided. By Clicking on the SSL SubSystem button, you can view the CSR (Certificate Request), which is needed by the CA (Certificate Authority) in order for them to provide you with your own Trusted Certificate. Once received, you can simply cut'n'paste in your new certificate.
For a "Let's Encrypt" Certificate, set the Certificate type to "Auto" and a certificate will be created within about five minutes. You still need to activate it within the Certificate management section of VWEB.
After 60 days, the certificate will be renewed and you will again have to activate it.

Changes to this system are recognised on every 5 minute clock tick.
TLSA Records for the Domain can be automatically generated and DNS updated from SSL Certificates that are managed here.

Choosing an SSL Certificate:

DV - Domain Verification`
  • Verifies ownership and control of the domain name only (e.g. Let's Encrypt)
  • Issued in minutes and is totally automatic (lasts for 3 month but renewed every 2 months)
Ideal for non-critical web pages, internal pages, server to server communications, blogs or informational pages

OV - Organisational Verification

  • Enhanced validation including authenticating the identity of the applicant
  • Issued within hours
Ideal for public-facing and more sensitive web pages that collect personal data from site users. Pages could include login pages, payment pages, new account signup pages, etc.

EV - Enhanced Verification

  • Standards-based approach to authentication, representing the highlest level of authentication for SSL certificates
  • Additional visual cues to inspire user confidence
  • Typically issued within one day
  • Maintains browser compliance and other industry compliance
Ideal for business critical webpages including any e-commerce, online banking, account signups and any other pages where the goal is additional transactions of any type.

Domain Lifecycle

A Domain has a lifecycle - usually of one year. This looks something like...

Different authorities have different lengths for various parts of this process:

ZA Domains: Pending Suspension = 5 days; Pending Deletion = 5 days; Closed Redemption = 20 days

To stop a Domain from being Suspended or worse, entering Redemption (which is much more costly to reinstate), make sure it is set to automatically renew. If you are transferring in a Domain from another Registrar, make sure the Auto-Renew is correcly set by toggling it Off and then On again.

Domain Management

Agents who hold domains can easily manage their domains.
  • Columns can be adjusted so that data fits within a screen.
  • If the DNS column is Green, your nameservers are correctly delegated, if Red - no data exists at all, if Orange then Data exists but not what is expected. You can check the "Orange" condition by clicking on the Domain in question and then clicking on the Tool-Box next to the DNS option.
  • If the SSL column is Green, all is well. Red shows an expired certificate and Orange indicates the SSL certificate is close to expiring.
  • The Expire column indicates when a Domain will be expired by the Parent organisation. Green is healthy, Orange suggests you need to renew (repay) soon, Red suggests your domain is about to stop working.
All these features are available on the Domain page as well.

DNS Zone Entries can be fully managed, including TTL's

Domain Name Parking - Trademark Protection

Posix Systems recognises the need to allow customers to 'Park-a-Domain' - that is - provide customers the facility to have the technicalities taken care of - so a domain name can be easily acquired. You'll still need to pay any applicable Registry fees but we offer the technical side for nothing. This service is only for Domains where Posix is the Registrar, that is, Posix administers the Domain Registration fee.
The service is restricted in that you can park the domain with us but no further facilities are available with that domain name until the service is upgraded to a 'Paid-for' service. In order to change to a 'Paid-for' service - please contact Posix Systems or your Agent during normal office hours. We hope that once you need to use the domain name - you'll choose us as your preferred Hosting and Access Provider.
This is also an excellent way to safeguard Domains that are Trademarks. Register the domains and park them here. Only you can 'unpark' them. The only cost then is the yearly Registry renewal fee.

Domain Registration Only

You are welcome to use VWEB to just register your domains. If you already run your own NameServers and just want to have a System that works with the new COZA EPP system, then use VWEB for just that. You also get a front end management system with colour coding - so you can see what is happening at a glance. There are also monthly movement reports. Domains can be set to be automatically renewed or dropped at their anniversary date. The only charges are Domain charges from the Registry. We charge less than the Legacy Price for 'CO.ZA' domains. New domains such as NET.ZA, WEB.ZA and ORG.ZA are also fully supported via EPP.


You can manage the majority of your own DNS records. This includes IPv6 addresses as well as the more traditional IPv4 records. We also automatically provide DNSSEC. DNSSEC or Domain Name Security is the 'securing' of the records in your domain so they can not be modified in transit on the Internet by nefarious people. So DNSSEC is a good thing to do/add. The zone will also be signed with NSEC (or NSEC3 - on demand) records. Many ccTLD's provide support for Signed Zones. The system supports the automatic uploading of DNSSEC material to EPP based Registry systems such as 'CO.ZA' using the EPP DNSSEC extensions. If you are hosting with CloudFlare and want to run DNSSEC on your ZA (or other) Domain, use Posix as your Registrar. Just activate it. Once CloudFlare has signed your Domain and the Nameservers have been added to Posix's VWEB system, to completes the process on VWEB, just click on

UTF-8 and IDN - Internationalised Domain Names

This VWEB website is fully UTF-8 aware (you can add your data in most languages) and will convert any non-ascii portions of a Domain Name into PunyCode (the ascii equivalent of the UTF-8 characters). All DNS operations are then performed with the PunyCode version of the name - eg café is shown as 'xn--caf-dma' where as all file and directory operations use the original UTF-8 characters.

Access Control Lists and One Time Passwords (Two Factor Authentication)

This VWEB site supports user defined ACL's and OTP (for Two Factor Authentication) - for Agents and Domain Owners. To enable ACL's, fill in the 'Access List' field as appropriate. Multiple IPv4 and IPv6 lists are supported and all IP's use CIDR notation. To allow your IPv4 block to work - something like '' may be appropriate. Access lists are checked and rewritten by the system.
If an ACL is defined yet you need to access the system from outside the defined ranges, set up Two Factor Authentication (or the OTP system). There are multiple applications available for most mobile devices (Apple, Android, etc) (see http://motp.sourceforge.net). Copy the 20 character 'seed' from your mobile device into the 'OTP Management' field and give yourself a 'PIN' number. Now, when out of the ACL managed networks, type in your PIN number on the Mobile and include the provided OTP at Login time. Your Mobile *must* be time syncronised to within three minutes of the correct time.
To activate OTP regardless, use an improbably ACL of something like ''.

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